On the outside, we may seem like just another food company. But on the inside, we’re a lot more than that. We’re a group of people who believe passionately in the potential of every Australian. The potential to be healthy: physically, mentally and emotionally.

The potential to be happy. The potential to live life with purpose. And we believe this journey all begins with good nutrition. Because what you feed your body and your mind, changes the way you feel.


Founded 1974
Country Australia
Industry Food & Beverage
Most Famous For Weet-Bix

Good for our bodies, and environment

We’re always looking at ways of sourcing ingredients and making products on a local level, to help minimise our impact on the environment. Caring for our world is important to us, which is why we choose to honour, preserve and care for our world as a created gift.

We consider the environment when making decisions around technology, energy sources and methods of operation, to ensure that the choices we make are sustainable.

A Trend-Setter

It’s often said that Sanitarium changed Australia’s eating habits; we were the first to introduce healthy and innovative breakfast foods and soy foods.  We promoted plant-based eating before it became trendy, and offered wellbeing clinics in our cafes throughout Australia.

In caring for the health and wellbeing of all Australians, we have created great breakfast cereal foods, soymilks, spreads and healthy vegetarian foods. We love using natural, wholesome foods to offer you the best of nature’s goodness and flavours.

Sanitarium Products