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A Little About Terravin

At the heart of TerraVin is a dedication to making exceptional Marlborough wines from superbly situated hillside vineyards. Often there is a ‘sweet spot’ on a slope where all of the elements combine to deliver a unique character; this is the essence of some of the world’s finest wines.

Finding these pockets of land in Marlborough and giving them expression in wine is what makes TerraVin tick. The Founders of TerraVin were among the pioneers of hillside viticulture in Marlborough, establishing several north-facing slopes that now produce grapes for some of New Zealand’s most highly rated Pinot Noir’s.

TerraVin aims to produce wines which are impressive as a whole rather than having one or two impressive features. Also it aims to make wines expressive of the vineyard and area that they come from as opposed to showing the hand of the winemaker. As a result, the international wine reviewers have kept admiring TerraVin’s wine quality and taste.


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