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A Little About Vinoptima

Vinoptima is considered the representive in Gisborne wineries and means “the best wine” in Latin. The winery is the passion of one man, Nick Nobilo regarding as a pioneer of the modern New Zealand wine industry.

Vinoptima Estate simply plants only one grape, Gewurztraminer. They are constantly evolving with vines and clones changing in the continuous pursuit of the world’s best Gewurztraminer.

The climate is also hotter and drier than the cooler growing climate of the coast, producing an unusually high intensity in aromatic wine. It is just perfect for the Vinoptima Estate’s Gewurztraminer grapes. While the alluvial soils, high in magnesium and boron, provided the final piece in the terroir mosaic.

Vinoptima’s operations include grape growing, wine making, cellaring, bottling, marketing and selling ultra premium Gewurztraminer under the Vinoptima label with all their best effort and care.


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